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The kayaking experience

Kayaking how-to

Kayaks and kayaking gear

Kayaking in and around New York City


          Trips, stories, photos

Kayak trips farther afield

Long Island Kayak Circumnavigation 2012

Everglades Challenge preparation and race, 2013-2014

Kayak camping

Kayak races

Kayak sailing

Kayak swim support

Seen from a kayak

Kayak photography

Kayak humor (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing!)

6 responses to “Kayaking

  1. Congratulations! I have nominated your WordPress blog for the Super Sweet Blogger award. More about your nomination is at: 


    Keep on paddling and photographing!

    Best regards,


  2. Wow.. Loved your post. I always wanted to Kayak, but just could not get courage as I am not a strong swimmer. Tried it once, but then I fell off from my Kayak and never sat in a Kayak again. My hubby loves Kayaking and always encourages me to do so. Looking at your posts, I wanna do it even more :)

    Happy Kayaking!!



  3. This is a great blog for Kayaking info. We like paddling on Kayaks and paddle boards up at Bear Lake with the kids and family. Definitely a lot of fun and good exercise.


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