Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Merge. I’ve already posted one interpretation, but here’s another one.

One some days, you don’t know where the sea ends and the sky begins…

More photos are here.

39 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge, Take Two

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  2. The second is my favorite! It’s very peaceful. Z


  3. Have to agree with Z, that second shot is outstanding. Is that Johna? It is almost as if she’s kayaking out of time and place. Surreal, like a dream.


    • Yes, that’s Johna.

      And it definitely was a surreal experience—and, as I said in reply to Z, a disorienting experience, because the normal visual cues, the horizon, the little wavelets, etc., were gone, and looking down into the water was the same as looking up at the sky… it was like being, all of a sudden, in the center of a three-dimensional sphere…


  4. Really like the 2nd one too…nice shot.


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  6. Like a Turner painting, or the Australian Lloyd Rees. Fabulous, evocative shots Vlad.


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  8. Love the scale down scheme and each photograph is so beautiful.
    Very intriguing!


  9. Awesome pictures – I can only imagine how surreal it must be. Wow!


  10. Beautiful examples for the challenge.


  11. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Liminality at its visual best. Love these.


  12. one of the things I love about the ocean. so beautiful.


  13. These are awesome shots!!


  14. These are all wonderful, I love the lost horizon lines!


  15. Oh I like the second one!


  16. That 2nd photo is just breathtaking.. Love it! Was in NYC recently and saw people kayak and wondered if it was you.


  17. Excellent interpretation and photos!


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