Endless Reflection

By Vladimir Brezina

Which Johna do I focus on?

DSC_0207 cropped smallDSC_0229 cropped smallDSC_0218 cropped small

At the Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA.

36 responses to “Endless Reflection

  1. Excellent.
    Love the Hotel Del, as well.


  2. Excellent – wouldn’t want the job of cleaning all those mirrors :-)


  3. Great idea – lovely model:-)


  4. Laura Bloomsbury

    her smile reflects so much but these are brilliant.


  5. You focus on ALL Johnas…all the time. :)
    Seriously cool photos, as always!!


  6. What a good idea ! What a great photo ! Oui c’est bien une figure de l’infini ! Et quelle belle atmosphère dorée, un rêve de lumière !


  7. They’re fun and it’s nice to see you together in the frame!


  8. Absolutely love it! Great fun photos… great smile, great man with great camera!! All great!! ;-)


  9. Lovely! I think I’d like to try that mirror effect!


  10. VERY cool! Such a great shot of both of you! :) I love going to Coronado, and the Del is such a beautiful place! Hope you had a wonderful time while you were there!


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