Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Layers.

DSC_0114 cropped smallDSC_0136 cropped smallDSC_0153 cropped small

At the 9/11 Memorial, Manhattan.

43 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

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  4. I love these photos, they’re moving.

    Congrats to you and Johna on your Blog of the Year award nomination! Learn more, click here:
    Best, Babsje


  5. Thanks for this glimpse.


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  8. so powerful. I’ve GOT to get there and pay my respects someday.


  9. mylifeinfocusblog

    Thanks for your photos.


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  12. This is a really different choice. I love it!


  13. Sobbing layers… Thank you!


  14. Great choice for this challenge! Thanks for sharing.


  15. Having the three views and perspectives is so much more moving. Thank you for these!


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  17. Good Afternoon: Have you tried these shots in black-and-white? Vonn Scott Bair


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  19. Love this interpretation, Vladimir…I’ll bet no one else has a waterfall…Looks great in Black and White too. The color has “twinkles”…:-)


  20. I like your close-up views. We had similar responses to the challenge! I just visited the memorial for the first time and it is such an emotional space.


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  22. Last time I saw it it was still just a big hole in the ground with diggers and construction workers… I need to plan a trip to NYC :)


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