By Vladimir Brezina

Squares lead us onSquares 1Squares 2

… squares and sometimes triangles




and we are by no means the only ones to appreciate their presenceSquares 3Squares 4

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Square.

11 responses to “Squares

  1. Birds seem to find a place to roost anywhere :)


  2. A Bird’s Perspective


  3. h20toptobottom

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    A Bird’s Perspective


  4. Like the bird pics especially.


  5. I was once out on the water and saw nests like this. Interesting.


    • Around here the birds nesting on these navigational structures are usually cormorants (on structures a bit away from shore) or ospreys. If you think about it, these structures are exactly like the special poles that are put up in marshes for ospreys to nest on—high perches with unobstructed view all around, in the middle of the water where the fishing is good… What’s not for an osprey to like?

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