Coast Guard ♥ Birds

By Vladimir Brezina

It’s heartwarming to see how much the Coast Guard loves and cherishes its birds! It spares no effort to erect, along every waterway, ingenious structures calculated to be ideal for gulls, cormorants, even ospreys to rest on and, now that it’s spring, to build their nests and raise their young, safe from predators and from human intrusion… well, except for some kayakers ;-)

21 responses to “Coast Guard ♥ Birds

  1. Lovely pictures! I particularly like the intense contrast in color!


  2. Great post! Cormorants forever!!


  3. Very nice, and all this time I thought they were just navigational aids!


    • It’s hard to believe that the Coast Guard does not consider birds when they design and install aids to navigation… I wonder when was the last time that a ship ran aground because a bird nest had obscured a navigational light? ;-)


  4. The last picture is particularly stunning.


    • Unfortunately I did not have my good camera with a telephoto lens with me. But we were in the prime location to watch the birds, as we ate our lunch at the base of the tower while they constructed their nest at the top… This was on Sandy Hook this past Sunday.


  5. The glow without the lights, thanks for the wonderful images of birds again adapting to their surroundings in marvelous fashion, thanks MJ


  6. delightful post, just love it.. : )


  7. great post! where is the tall tower, pics 4-5?


  8. In Montreal some of the buildings have special ledges for the falcons – the pigeons just sit wherever they want but always face the same direction, except for the “special” one that didn’t get the memo…


  9. Enjoyed visiting this post, Vladimir. Say, who needs trees when we have friendly coastguards?


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