Seals & Submarine

By Vladimir Brezina

Crossing Ambrose Channel

Last Saturday: Air temperature in the twenties (Fahrenheit) in the morning, struggling up into the thirties during the afternoon. Colder on the water, of course. Water temperature around forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely drysuit weather, with gloves or pogies a requirement (and hot tea!). Partly sunny, with increasing clouds. Moderate northerly wind, becoming southeasterly in the afternoon. Current indicating a trip to points south. A perfect day to visit, once again, the seals of Swinburne Island, with maybe the Yellow Submarine of Brooklyn thrown in!

In the event, we saw only two, perhaps three, seals (which kept their distance, so no good photos) at Swinburne Island—a similar low number as on our last trip a month ago, and as reported by other kayakers so far this winter. In previous years, we’ve always seen ten or more seals at Swinburne by this time in the season. A little worrying…

And, bizarrely, the Yellow Submarine seems to have gotten a fresh coat of yellow paint (and some fresh graffiti) recently! Compare

Yellow Submarine, November 2010

Yellow Submarine, November 2010


IMGP9462 cropped small

Yellow Submarine, November 2013

Here are all the photos (click on any photo to start slideshow).

32 responses to “Seals & Submarine

  1. Love the post – really different :)


  2. Your photos always look like you’re enjoying yourself, in spite of the temperatures. :)


  3. wow…wow…wow….
    I love your photo’s….
    buongiorno dall’Italia :-)


  4. What a different perspective you get of a place taken from a kayak. Even the buildings take on a beauty. Love going on your trips with you.


  5. Vlad, Thanks again for transporting me to the water’s surface with my morning coffee. Dreaming of our next paddle on the lower Hudson.



  6. A chilly but beautiful paddle. Do you think the vandals would have painted the yellow so the graffiti showed up more?


  7. Thank you for your continuing blog posts and for this report on cold weather paddling in and out of NY harbor.Your pictures of Johna’s boat are excellent. There are very few of you and your new Heron boat. Your commentary is most helpful in my own cold water paddling here in PA. You both inspire every kayak photographer to better shots and reports.
    GW Stover


    • Thanks, Gerald! I am glad these posts are useful, as well as enjoyable. There are many pictures of Johna, and few of me, simply because I have the camera ;-)

      And I will work on the Heron-K1 comparison… :-)


  8. Reading and looking at your beautiful pictures of the chilly paddle while I sip morning coffee on the boat with 80 degrees in the cabin, quite a contrast! I love your travelogue, so glad I found your blog. Maybe today I will have time to post about our trip down here to Barra de Navidad after we go to town and visit the port captain to check in.


  9. Love the yellow sub and I love humming along. Great pictures, but brr. I get very cold looking at them!


  10. great photos as always and enjoyable ride!


  11. Hey! Looks like a nice calm day. Love the pewter light, the yellow submarine, the violet twilight. See you soon :)


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