Travel Theme: Architecture

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Architecture.

Manhattan, of course, is full of dramatic architecture. But it’s sometimes hard to grasp it all from the inside. You need to stand a bit apart—or even better, sit in a kayak!

Here is some of Manhattan’s architecture that we saw on our paddle just this last weekend (full set of photos is here):

IMGP5787 cropped small IMGP5815 cropped small IMGP5866 cropped small IMGP6127 cropped small

30 responses to “Travel Theme: Architecture

  1. I like the views from a kayak – especially the one of the bridge.


  2. post made me longing for home, yet inspired to check out downtown Detroit’s architecture, however crumbling the buildings may be. thanks for the beautiful shots of NYC


  3. Loved them all, Vlad, but that first one is spectacular!


  4. Beautiful shots fo these awesome buildings!


  5. As an architect, I can say I love these shots.


  6. Absolutely beautiful shots!


  7. Wonderful! I wanna come back!


  8. Nice selection! Love the last one.


  9. great photo of Brooklyn Bridge.


  10. I love the gleam and reflections. GREAT pictures of my old home town.


  11. The only architecture I saw this weekend on the lake was the Carillon. But, I did see kayaks enjoying the weather. Any tips of paddling for a beginner?


    • Thanks, Mary. I enjoyed your post :-)

      The single best piece of advice I can give is take an introductory class or two with a kayak company or kayak club. Sure, you can buy or borrow a kayak, jump in, and go. And that might be fine in good weather on placid water. But even then, you will be missing a lot of things that someone could explain to you in a couple of minutes that might make your life a lot easier. In less benign conditions, ignorance of those things could easily be dangerous. Finally, don’t buy any equipment, or a boat, before you’ve done some paddling and know what you want. An almost universal experience at the beginning is that after a couple of trips you want a better boat than the one you have…


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  13. Hard to make any of Manhattan’s buildings fit completely in a single picture, eh? :)


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