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Friendly Creatures: Kayak Camping in Florida, Part 2

By Johna Till Johnson
Photos by Vladimir Brezina

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Day 2

IMGP1634 cropped small

We awoke to a beautiful dawn spreading across the sky, mistily lighting up the graceful lines of the Tampa Bay Skyway.IMGP1625 cropped smallIMGP1667 cropped small

Well, technically, Vlad awoke to the dawn… I arose somewhat later, once the coffee was ready. We sipped it, watched the sunrise, and IMGP1630 cropped smallremarked on the steady progression of birds flying north—for all the world like commuters starting the day!

IMGP1657 cropped smallIMGP1662 cropped small

We agreed that Egmont Key, though an unplanned stop, was a wonderful place to start our real adventure.

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