Daily Archives: August 16, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Carefree.

In New York City, carefree is still pretty intense.

Carefree NYC style 1Carefree NYC style 2Carefree NYC style 3Carefree NYC style 4Carefree NYC style 5

From this years Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

Another Carefree post is here.

Travel Theme: Big

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Big.

I seem to recall that there was already a “Big” photo challenge last year… and my response was the obvious one :-)

So here’s another type of big object that we regularly encounter kayaking in New York Harbor—

IMGP3098 cropped small 2

For more on this subject see At the Bottom of the Food Chain.