Travel Theme: Big

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Big.

I seem to recall that there was already a “Big” photo challenge last year… and my response was the obvious one :-)

So here’s another type of big object that we regularly encounter kayaking in New York Harbor—

IMGP3098 cropped small 2

For more on this subject see At the Bottom of the Food Chain.

30 responses to “Travel Theme: Big

  1. Nice photo. Keep up the good work!


  2. Love this photo. I almost put a image up of an aircraft carrier but the perspective of all the shots I had didn’t do the size justice. I guess I need to get down on the water like you. That’s a big tug too!


  3. Oh, my, even bigger when it’s aiming at your kayak, I imagine!


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  5. Love this, 3 sizes of boats – great shot!!


  6. goodness that is huge


  7. that could be quite scary up close vlad!


  8. HOLY #%$^! You are two very brave people! No need to be there – this photo’s good enough for me!!! :)


  9. Am I the only one thinking David vs Goliath here? :)


  10. Great photo ~ thanks!



    We had similar thoughts on B I G : ) Nice !

    I am way behind on my email!


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