Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Big.

It’s big…

… but it always amazes me how tiny it appears when we turn the corner and see it across the harbor, against the immensity of the sea and sky. There it is, just to the left of the sunlit section of the city ahead…

It’s a matter of perspective.

74 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. Nice Big photo!
    It really appears tiny, especially for someone like me who have seen her only in movies and photos :)


  2. True – big and small: all relative…


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  6. Interesting. IN all the photos I have seen of this statue, I have never seen it from this perspective (didn’t know it had all this stuff at the base).


  7. vastlycurious.com

    I spend days in NYC but I have never gone to visit her. Did you go inside? Is this the day you took your profile picture? I think yes.


    • I seem to remember I was inside once, a long time ago. But not recently. There’s too much of a line to get in, and you need special tickets, etc, etc. I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s actually not even worth getting off the boat on Liberty Island, in my opinion, since looking directly up at the statue is not as interesting as seeing it from some distance—but not too great a distance!—e.g. from the boat approaching the island. Much better to stay on the boat and get off at the next stop, Ellis Island, which is very much worth it…

      No, my profile picture was taken (by Johna) on another trip. We wear these drysuits all the time in winter, so they are no indication of any particular trip…


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  11. it really must be an impressive sight to see for real


  12. And to think, she was a gift from the French.


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  14. It is a matter of perspective, big is all about scale. Great post!


  15. Great photo. I hope to someday see that lady up close. Thanks for sharing ;)


  16. Very nice to have both photos. I’ve visited the lady and walked up her stairs but never seen her from a small kayak bobbing in the ocean.


  17. Lady Liberty. She’s big and beautiful. Nice post.


    • Thank you!

      Actually, many have considered her to be far from beautiful. But as Gustave Eiffel, who designed the supporting steel framework inside her (and later the Eiffel Tower in Paris), said, “there is an attraction, a special charm in the colossal to which ordinary theories of art do not apply”…


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  21. Perfect example and very impressive.


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  24. Perfect example and very very impressive, from time to time I visit Colmar in Alsace France where a smaller copy are placed at the way in south – Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the artist was Colmar-born – a beautitul sculpture… ;-)


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  28. Someday I’d love to see this myself. It really is big!


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  31. An extremely BIG expanse of water …. and …. the Statue of Liberty a distinctive signature of New York. You must have captured that photo while cayaking. Lucky you, it is GREAT.


    • Yes, photographed while kayaking past. (I must have hundreds of such photos of the Statue of Liberty, in all times of day and year, by now…) Can’t get too close, though—since 9/11 there has been a security zone around the statue…


  32. In most minds it does not seem so big but yes as you have shown it is.


  33. nice contrasts, I like the kayak photo best


  34. Oh yes, it is all about perspective, isn’t it? I love this post!


  35. Love this – whether something’s big or small depends on what you compare it to! And the pictures are excellent.


  36. Excellent… She is definitely huge. :-)


  37. Nice shots! The image of NYC in the distance behind the kayak is really cool. What a remarkable experience it must be.


  38. Beautiful shots – perspective is everything!


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  42. Mari Therese Jørgensen



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  44. Quite true! My daughter’s comment when we saw the Lady from Battery Park last summer was, “I thought it would be bigger.” And I remember being surprised by how small the inside of her head is when I went up inside the statue years ago with my son on a school field trip!


    • Well, from Battery Park she appears small—almost as small as in my second photo—because she’s far away. But it’s quite true that if you go inside she is surprisingly cramped, not spacious by any means. She’s only a statue, and at the time it took a heroic effort to make her even that big…


  45. with a tiny canoe headed to miss liberty – would be a too big challenge for me :-)


  46. Wish I hadn’t missed the big theme I have some really nice photo’s of the Golden Gate if I do say so myself but I love these photo’s, so nice.


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