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Storm, Saved to Disk

By Vladimir Brezina

6:00 PM

Yesterday in the early evening a line of strong thunderstorms rumbled through New York City. This happens often in the summer and the sight can be awe-inspiring. But I was working all afternoon in a windowless room, and later, when I got to a window, it was too late to discern much. The building was already submerged in thick green fog. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked directly overhead.

What to do under those circumstances? Let’s go to the video replay!

And from where better to observe the arrival of the storm over New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline than the Statue of Liberty?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Big.

It’s big…

… but it always amazes me how tiny it appears when we turn the corner and see it across the harbor, against the immensity of the sea and sky. There it is, just to the left of the sunlit section of the city ahead…

It’s a matter of perspective.

Winter Dawn Over Manhattan From the Statue of Liberty

By Vladimir Brezina

At dawn, around 6:30 a.m. at this time of the year, the Statue of Liberty is, of course, closed to visitors. But it’s possible to see the dawn spread over New York Harbor and over Manhattan from the high-definition streaming webcam mounted high up in the Statue’s torch.

These photos span just 30 minutes as the new day arrives. A brightly-lit cruise ship makes its way up the harbor; early-morning ferries zip back and forth across the stretch of water between the Statue and Manhattan.

These photos were taken on Saturday, February 4, 2012—the day that Johna and I paddled out to Swinburne Island to see the seals. Early that morning, I was checking on the harbor conditions and watched, entranced, as this sequence unfolded…

A Foggy Day in New York Town

By Vladimir Brezina

Here are three images captured by the Statue of Liberty webcams in the foggy weather we’ve been having recently in New York City.

(All three images are from December 5, 2011.)

Art At, On, and In the Water: The Marine Art of New York Harbor

By Vladimir Brezina

Now that New York City is once again embracing its waterways, all manner of the city’s activities are spilling over into the harbor—and that includes the city’s art. As I kayak around the harbor, I can’t help but notice the number of works of art that don’t stop at the water’s edge, but plunge right in…

Here are a few examples. In some cases, they use for their effect their location at the interface between land and water. In more extreme cases, they can only be appreciated, indeed can only have been created, from a boat on the water…

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Liberty Enlightening the World Wide Web

By Vladimir Brezina

A week ago, on October 28th, 2011, Lady Liberty celebrated her 125th birthday. There were celebratory events: a parade of ships, fireworks of course… These have come and gone. But remaining permanently—let’s hope!—are some amazing webcams installed by EarthCam on the Statue, looking both at it and out across New York Harbor.

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