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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

The Columbia “C” is not the only letter in the harbor—

IMGP1051 cropped small 3

The Bronx River, New York City. More photos from the trip are here.

Posted in response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Letters.

Seen from a Kayak

By Vladimir Brezina

Some works of art were surely put there for the sole appreciation of passing kayakers…

IMGP0247 cropped small 2IMGP5244 cropped smallIMGP1540 cropped small 2DSC_0178 cropped small

More marine art, specifically of New York Harbor, is here.

Travel Theme: Walls

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Walls.

Kayaking around the highly urban New York Harbor, we pass by many colorful and inspirational walls…

IMGP1050 cropped smallNo Guts No GloryIMGP4743 cropped small"Alas this bitter life filled with sweet dreams"IMGP0247 cropped small 2

More on the marine art of New York Harbor is here.

Art At, On, and In the Water: The Marine Art of New York Harbor

By Vladimir Brezina

Now that New York City is once again embracing its waterways, all manner of the city’s activities are spilling over into the harbor—and that includes the city’s art. As I kayak around the harbor, I can’t help but notice the number of works of art that don’t stop at the water’s edge, but plunge right in…

Here are a few examples. In some cases, they use for their effect their location at the interface between land and water. In more extreme cases, they can only be appreciated, indeed can only have been created, from a boat on the water…

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