Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

The Columbia “C” is not the only letter in the harbor—

IMGP1051 cropped small 3

The Bronx River, New York City. More photos from the trip are here.

Posted in response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Letters.

26 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Take Two

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  2. I am always amazed at the hidden talent in graffiti. Great photo.


  3. Ron Scubadiver

    An unlikely combination of ocean kayak an graffiti with a touch of reflection make for an interesting photo.


  4. Graffiti is a great source for creative letters.


  5. I consider graffiti art.


  6. very cool – I think I can make out a few of the words – jk ;)


  7. A marvelous, funny, engaging photo!


  8. Sweet as a Picture

    Looking good against the background of the graffiti. :-)


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