Seen from a Kayak

By Vladimir Brezina

Some works of art were surely put there for the sole appreciation of passing kayakers…

IMGP0247 cropped small 2IMGP5244 cropped smallIMGP1540 cropped small 2DSC_0178 cropped small

More marine art, specifically of New York Harbor, is here.

36 responses to “Seen from a Kayak

  1. Love the painted rocks!


  2. I loved the water art in the NYC waterway. It is interesting that the cute figures by Tom Otterness are very similar to those in my recent post describing “short.” :


  3. Cool pic :) Thanks for stopping by our post and we are glad you like it.



    I especially like the octopus! How often do you get to write octopus : )) The last is really interesting too.


  5. Love the turquoise rock art. Some would consider that defacing. But I think it adds so much fun to nature.


  6. the rock paintings are cool!


  7. Love Dragons!!!


  8. Amazing things one can see from a kayak, Vlad. I should get one too. :)
    I’ve started a new blog. Here is the link.


  9. That last shot is really fun!


  10. Love it! That’s Street art taken to the next level :)


  11. Have you seen this article yet? You two were the first people I thought of when I read this.


    • Thanks!! It’s cute. Yes, I’ve seen various versions of it—it was all over at least the kayaking corners of the Internet a few days ago… :-) Stories of rescued animals pop up fairly often, although this is the first owl that I’ve heard of…


  12. I love the photo with the bird.


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