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By Vladimir Brezina

Half-Light 1

From the molten dyes of the water
Bring the burnished nature of fire
… Rain flakes of gold on the water

—Ezra Pound, The Alchemist

Half-Light 2Half-Light 3

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Half-Light.

Forces of Nature, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

We are about to be hit by one of the Forces of Nature…

Forces of Nature 2(In the Florida Everglades—story and more photos are here.)

A second contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature. The first contribution was here.

Forces of Nature

By Vladimir Brezina

The towers of Manhattan are insignificant under the looming storm clouds…

Forces of Nature(more photos are here and here)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature. A second contribution is here.

Storm, Saved to Disk

By Vladimir Brezina

6:00 PM

Yesterday in the early evening a line of strong thunderstorms rumbled through New York City. This happens often in the summer and the sight can be awe-inspiring. But I was working all afternoon in a windowless room, and later, when I got to a window, it was too late to discern much. The building was already submerged in thick green fog. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked directly overhead.

What to do under those circumstances? Let’s go to the video replay!

And from where better to observe the arrival of the storm over New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline than the Statue of Liberty?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Grand.

To face the elements is, to be sure, no light matter when the sea is in its grandest mood. You must then know the sea, and know that you know it, and not forget that it was made to be sailed over.

— Joshua Slocum, Sailing Alone Around the World

Even in our little kayaks, in a passing little storm, we occasionally glimpse something of what Slocum meant.

IMGP5647 cropped smallIMGP5713 cropped smallIMGP5667 cropped smallIMGP5700 cropped smallIMGP5717 cropped smallIMGP5730 cropped smallIMGP5753 cropped smallIMGP5757 cropped smallIMGP5777 cropped smallIMGP5787 cropped smallIMGP5793 cropped smallIMGP5788 cropped small

From our 2012 kayak circumnavigation of Long Island, NY. The story of that storm is here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Foreshadow.

Signs from the heavens. Looks like Coney Island is doomed

Coney Island

as is Manhattan

ManhattanFrom Governors Island

but Brooklyn will be spared.

Manhattan and Brooklyn

But no, or at least not this time. All this foreshadows merely a spectacular thunderstorm

IMGP4105%2520cropped%2520smallIMGP4107 cropped small

that passes, with the city still there.

The storm passes

The story is here, and more photos are here and here.

Red Sky in the Morning…

By Vladimir Brezina

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.
Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.

This was the sight today at 7 a.m. …

IMGP7816 cropped small 2

… and this at 5 p.m.

IMGP7824 cropped small

A nor’easter is on the way.

NWS forecast Feb 7, 2013

For the first time this winter, we might get some real snow. Finally! We are looking forward to it.

On the Beach: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina

That first glimpse of the sea instantly shows what the day will be like. The sea sets the mood.

That day at the beach may be just an ordinary Sunday at the seaside
or it may be stormy
or dreamy…

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