On the Beach: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina
Posted on October 19, 2o11

That first glimpse of the sea instantly shows what the day will be like. The sea sets the mood.

That day at the beach may be just an ordinary Sunday at the seaside

or it may be stormy

or dreamy

or just nice



or expectant

full of promise


or reflective



and happy

More beach photos are here, here, and here.

10 responses to “On the Beach: A Photoessay

  1. Razel Rull-Navarro

    Love this! :) The photos are brilliant … they paint a thousand words!


  2. I like these photos especially the one underneath “and happy.”


    • Thanks! It was a happy, warm, golden late afternoon last summer in Cape Cod Bay, on the north shore of Cape Cod. We had just returned to that beach from a longish paddle that, toward the end, was a little tense because we didn’t quite recognize exactly where we had launched—from a mile or two offshore, the whole coast looked the same—but we found the place, all tension drained away and we were happy just to laze about in the shallow warm water…


  3. Great photography, sets the mood… love the stormy shots.


  4. Perfect narrative to your evocative photos.


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