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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Grand.

To face the elements is, to be sure, no light matter when the sea is in its grandest mood. You must then know the sea, and know that you know it, and not forget that it was made to be sailed over.

— Joshua Slocum, Sailing Alone Around the World

Even in our little kayaks, in a passing little storm, we occasionally glimpse something of what Slocum meant.

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From our 2012 kayak circumnavigation of Long Island, NY. The story of that storm is here.

Travel Theme: Short

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Short.

Compared to the Red Herring (a Feathercraft Heron kayak, 17′ 7″ long, on the right in the photo below), the Baby Vulcan (a Feathercraft K-Light kayak, on the left) is absurdly short for a sea kayak—only 12′ 10″.

DSC_0033 cropped small

It must have looked ridiculous when I paddled it, as I did for years.

But Johna finds it to be a fun boat around town

IMGP6948 cropped small

and quite capable of crossing the seas…

IMGP1477 cropped smallIMGP1732 cropped smallIMGP1745 cropped small

(More on that Florida trip here and here.)

Wild, Wonderful Long Island—Thus Far

By Johna Till Johnson

This is a short post and no photos—we are on our fourth day of what we anticipate will be an 11-day kayak circumnavigation of Long Island.

It’s been amazing thus far. Perfect weather, just enough conditions to keep us interested—and miles of marshes and white sandy beaches.

Currently we’re about 90 miles from our starting point at Pier 40 in lower Manhattan, in a tent on a nameless island in Shinnecock Bay that we’re calling Barking Seagull Island. This is our fourth night of guerilla wilderness camping—incredible that we can do it so near New York City.

Tomorrow we head out for a 30 mile stretch in the Atlantic as we paddle up to, and hopefully around, Montauk Point. We probably won’t be able to land due to the surf, so it will be a long day!

More soon—and full details (and photos) when we’re back at our computers…

The Kayak on the 17th Floor

By Vladimir Brezina

My last post showed my new 17.5-foot-long kayak completely filling our New York City apartment. And quite a few readers wondered how I was going to get it from the 17th floor down to the street and then to the water…

I suppose I could lower it down from the window on a rope, as some suggested. New York City has laws against most things, but lowering kayaks down the sides of tall buildings is probably not (yet) among them.


But there is a better way. Here’s how the kayak got to the 17th floor in the first place, and how it’s going to get down again.

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