Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Today:

… the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone!

OK, that’s easy!

When the email with the challenge arrived, I was just assembling a kayak in our living room. (Well, the bow sticks out partway into the kitchen.)

Now it’s just a matter of getting it from the 17th floor down to the street, across town, and into the water…


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71 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. a good place, not to forget the boat …


  2. transplantednorth

    your today seems far more exciting than my today.


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  4. Yeah, nice to have an exciting today. My “today” (it has been yesterday here) filled up with some server/coding error that really confuse me, so i can’t take picture except my own room.
    Your picture is nice, btw.


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  7. Nice!! Looks like good times are ahead.


  8. Have fun, and good luck with bringing it down :)

    Great choice..


  9. Your kayak goes everywhere…even inside your house!



  11. Good luck with that! We saw a tandem version of his kayak last weekend – very cool!


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  14. Lovely, particularly the expectation it conveys! Look forward to the ‘tomorrow’ pictures.


  15. What challenge !! Thanks for dropping by my site! Look forward to reading up on your blog


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  17. Very cool “TODAY” post! Just great. It was a fun challenge and I like the variety of responses. Thanks for your “Like” today on my blog. Happy Kayaking


    • It was a fun challenge! For my part, I simply took a photo of what I was doing at that very moment. Now, most of the time I am not doing anything nearly as interesting as assembling a kayak, so the challenge arrived at the perfect moment!


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  21. How will you get it downstairs? with a rope from a window?


  22. Now that’s a different aspect of your beloved sport! Fabulous, Vlad:)


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  24. Very interesting! I’m sure there is a way. It’s not the weight, it’s the shape and fitting it through other shapes (think square peg, round hole). Thank for the visit, like, and link to my TODAY post.


  25. WOW ! you’re going to kayak polo again. Enjoy @Vlad


  26. Wow! Love the red! I always wondered… I could probably get into one of those, but it would take a couple of people to help me out!


    • All my kayaks have been red. I like red, but there was also a process of elimination. The manufacturer offered blue (too hard to spot on the water), green (ditto), teal (a strange color, somehow), yellow (too hard on my own eyes to watch the bright yellow foredeck while paddling all day), and red!

      It wouldn’t be that difficult to get you out, I think…. just turn the kayak upside down, and you would fall out! ;-) Seriously, if the kayak capsizes, the hard part can be staying in it, in order to roll back upright. Most people fall right out.


  27. Wow – I love your dedication. I could not imagine having to bring my kayak down 17 floors! My garage is way too full of stuff, but at least on ground level! Looks like a nice boat – happy paddling!


  28. Gosh, your challenge goes far beyond taking the photo. How DO you get that magnificent beast down to the water?!


  29. That looks like fun! Once you get it to the water anyway…that first part might be a trick. ;) Good luck!


  30. lensaddiction

    Thanks for the mention! I am curious – HOW did you get it down 17 floors and across town? If you had climbing ropes and a a winch system you could lower it out the window?


  31. Beautiful craft! Will it fit in the elevator?? Have fun when you get to the water. ;)


  32. Excellent contribution and I love the rugs on your living room floor too. ;-)


  33. LOL not somewhere I expect to see a kayak :) this would fit the theme “unusual” too!


  34. This is cool!


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  36. Wow a kayak in the room, that looks really exciting! I have yet to know how to kayak, but plain looking at the photos, I get pumped up to want to learn the sport! :D


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  39. 17th floor, huh? Don’t suppose the elevators are extra big? You should have someone take photos while you traverse the 17 floors so we can see how you conquer this problem! Great post, I love it! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for linking mine!


  40. Hi
    I never been ina one.. but sure it is a lot of fun and needs a lot of skills ..
    Thank you for visiting my Blog


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