Wild, Wonderful Long Island—Thus Far

By Johna Till Johnson

This is a short post and no photos—we are on our fourth day of what we anticipate will be an 11-day kayak circumnavigation of Long Island.

It’s been amazing thus far. Perfect weather, just enough conditions to keep us interested—and miles of marshes and white sandy beaches.

Currently we’re about 90 miles from our starting point at Pier 40 in lower Manhattan, in a tent on a nameless island in Shinnecock Bay that we’re calling Barking Seagull Island. This is our fourth night of guerilla wilderness camping—incredible that we can do it so near New York City.

Tomorrow we head out for a 30 mile stretch in the Atlantic as we paddle up to, and hopefully around, Montauk Point. We probably won’t be able to land due to the surf, so it will be a long day!

More soon—and full details (and photos) when we’re back at our computers…

19 responses to “Wild, Wonderful Long Island—Thus Far

  1. Wow, you guys are nutty, in the very best sense of the word! I love it, and cannot wait to see the photos of your adventure! xxx Ailsa


  2. Oh! The wonders of modern technology! Buen viaje! Z


  3. More strength to your arms.;) Look forward to the photos.


  4. Enjoy!


  5. Hope you have a wonderful trip and it doesn’t get too hot for you. I was at Pier 40 last Thursday night.


  6. great to get an update! be safe and soak up the wild places into your salty blood


  7. bravo!! happy paddling.


  8. I grew up on Long Island but would never have thought of kayaking around it. Bon voyage.

    Steve Schwartzman


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