Forces of Nature

By Vladimir Brezina

The towers of Manhattan are insignificant under the looming storm clouds…

Forces of Nature(more photos are here and here)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature. A second contribution is here.

17 responses to “Forces of Nature

  1. Wonderful capture Vladimir. Looks a bit like a scene from the Wizard of Oz!!

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  2. Yes, great image. It has an out-of-this world effect. And all your Picasa albums are simply “awsome” !


  3. well captured
    forces :-)

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  4. That is a ridiculously good photo! Total cloud porn. And in my favorite city too! I used to race sailboats in New York Harbor and your subsequent (beautiful) photo shares made me VERY homesick.


  5. Beautiful photo. I pinned it to my New York City Board on Pinterest.

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  6. Absolutely stunning shot. The city is miniscule compared to the “Forces of Nature.”

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  7. Awesome cloud structure – great shot!

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  9. Wow!!! Looks like something that could be in a trailer for a disaster movie (and I mean that in a good way 😀)


  10. wow awesomeness! 8-)

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  11. Great shot, vlad… Gigantic and threateningly dark clouds rolling over towering structures making it look like Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels…

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  13. Gorgeous! So dramatic!

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