Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Foreshadow.

Signs from the heavens. Looks like Coney Island is doomed

Coney Island

as is Manhattan

ManhattanFrom Governors Island

but Brooklyn will be spared.

Manhattan and Brooklyn

But no, or at least not this time. All this foreshadows merely a spectacular thunderstorm

IMGP4105%2520cropped%2520smallIMGP4107 cropped small

that passes, with the city still there.

The storm passes

The story is here, and more photos are here and here.

67 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

  1. I pinned two of the shots on my New York City Board on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/gaylealstrom/new-york-city/


  2. Love the last one!


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  5. Truly amazing images, I could get lost in them!
    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Wow!


  7. Laura Bloomsbury

    you see life from the wide perspectives of ocean and sky – must be broad minded! You’ve foreshadowed brilliantly and raised the bar :)


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  11. Excellent foreshadowing photos. I can’t believe you were out in a kayak in that weather!


  12. You take me back. I grew up in Queens, went to Stuyvesant High when she was on 1st Ave & 15th. Beautiful.


  13. What a beautiful photo series.. Love them all :)


  14. The city skyline is dwarfed by the storm clouds above it – just amazing. I had to scroll up again before finishing my comment to see it one more time. Bravo.


  15. Stunning photos! I’m glad the city survived. :)


  16. awesome kayaking in that weather!


  17. Wonderful portrayal of nature’s grandeur over man! Love this, thanks for sharing!


  18. wow pretty awsome the gold light


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  21. Wow, excellent, each and every one of them. Not sure I’d want to be out in a kayak with that kind of weather on the way though.


    • Wasn’t a big deal (as it turned out)—just intense rain. Seeing other boats in the rain was the main problem—and of course the storm broke just as we were passing through the busiest part of the harbor :-)


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  24. I love these photos- so dramatic!


  25. Spectacular shots of clouds and city. Especially liked the last with the opening of the clouds for the last reflection of sun…beautiful!


  26. I would NOT have enjoyed being out on the water with that lot going on!


  27. beautiful photography – poetic panorama
    with regards


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  29. Great pics for this theme!


  30. Wow – high drama in images!


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