Travel Theme: On Display

By Vladimir Brezina

This week, Ailsa’s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge is On Display.

And it’s that time of year again…

This was the display last year (more photos are here). This year’s display is already starting to go up. Watch this space in a couple of weeks!

30 responses to “Travel Theme: On Display

  1. Great scary photos for this time of year. ;) Nice post ;)


  2. I love Halloween! One of my favorite “less loose” holidays where I can be a kid again every year!


  3. The second photo is clever (well, kind of gruesome, but clever) – is he moaning “Braaiiins!” or “Sseeeedss!”, I wonder?


  4. I love Halloween displays and kids trick or treating but other than that I hate anything that is horrifying. Love your images!


  5. Super scarey Halloween display … very creative.
    Have you been watching lots of zombie movies to
    add to your collection? Great photos …..


  6. makes me quite homesick, you don’t get to see these here in Turkey!


  7. :- O spiked skulls and batwings ! lolol
    Just got my pumpkin today .. last yr the top fell off in the night and scared the living daylights out of our pooch who jumped the gate to rush upstairs to us !


  8. Oh, the zombie is JUST awesome! I had to look twice, it seemed so real! Can’t wait to see this year. :-)


  9. Very scary – I am almost glad we don’t DO Halloween here


  10. Whee, you KNOW how much I love Hallowe’en! :)


  11. The images in the post and the link are all just fabulous – a great seasonal display! :-)


  12. Ah very nice – I like it alot! The other day I saw a guy driving around with a skeleton sitting in his car’s passenger seat, haha.


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