Halloween Is in the Air on the Upper East Side: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina
Posted on October 24, 2011

The Upper East Side of Manhattan takes Halloween very seriously. Halloween is still some days away, but decaying bodies, chained skeletons, and giant black spiders have festooned the area for weeks. The block of 92nd Street between Madison and Park Avenues is particularly worth seeing… here are some photos from that block and a couple of adjacent ones.

More photos are here.

9 responses to “Halloween Is in the Air on the Upper East Side: A Photoessay

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  2. Halloween! I love Halloween decor. These are good fun. Have you ever been to Salem, Mass. for Halloween?


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  5. deborahmcgrathphotography

    Fantastic. Halloween is just starting to become a celebratory event here in Australia. This year we are actually celebrating it in my town for the first time. I work for the local Council and we are working with the retailers, cafes and pubs in our CBD to host a ‘Safe Trick or Treat’ for the children, halloween menus, and decorated shop fronts. We had a childrens scarecrow making workshop last week and the scarecrows will form an art installation in a small park in the CBD on Halloween. We will also have Zombies on Stilts for a Zombie Walk and lighting projections of buildings. Its the beginning of something fun. I hope to get some great pics to share like yours.


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