Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Arranged: “… find something in your environment which was arranged by a human hand …”

Hmmm…. how about a human hand arranged?

Here are some more highly arranged tableaux:

OK, I think you can guess: Halloween decorations, last year in our neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Halloween is taken very seriously…

More photos are here and here.


Other interpretations of “Arranged” that I like:

41 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. ok, i think they were arranged to scare :-)


  2. Arranged? Deranged? Good one!


  3. Holy crap! That scared me. I would be very afraid to come out and play on Halloween in that neighborhood. Good shots.


  4. not very often you can eat arms; I remember: once a friend, who could not talk English very well, asked the waitress: “Could we have someone to eat?”


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  6. This one made me laugh :)


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  8. Scary, but I guess you could call them ‘arranged’ :-) Thanks for the pingback!


  9. Of course! I’ve forgotten how Halloween is the single best holiday for making static arrangements! Great shots!


  10. All these arrangements – fit the challenge perfectly!


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  12. Totally rocking pics man!!!


  13. Funny. Love your interpretation of this week’s theme! xxx


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  18. Ah, love these! We’re almost half way to Halloween already!


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