Portraits of Scariness

By Vladimir Brezina

Elsewhere, it might have been quite enough that this big scary thing was going to join the party.

But on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, people take their Halloween very seriously.

No mere hurricane was going to restrain their Halloween decorations!

Here are a few highlights:

Click on one of these photos to start a slideshow:

I think these portraits qualify, too, as an appropriate response to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week, Spooky

25 responses to “Portraits of Scariness

  1. What a fun walk you had. Nice pics.


  2. Great post. Were these wonders put up before the storm or in the aftermath?


    • Many of them were put up before the storm, some then taken down again, yet others put up after the storm, just in time for Halloween. But the amazing thing was that none of the decorations that were up through the storm appeared to be damaged in the least…


  3. After the photos from the storm it is fine to see that you are not unlearn to laught and have fun!


    • As I said, people on the Upper East Side take Halloween very seriously! But they probably wouldn’t be laughing if their homes had been damaged or destroyed, the way many homes outside Manhattan have been… The contrast between Manhattan and the rest is becoming a sore point, actually…


  4. Wow! These are really scary. I so admire the people of Manhattan’s spirit. (Pun intended) :D


  5. Love the pirate and bridal couple! Imagine if your sat pic of Sandy was snow – that would be scary…


  6. I guess New Yorkers needed to get a break from STORMWATCH and HURRICANE SANDY. You got some real spooky pictures!


  7. I’m pleased to see you’re fine and doing well!
    Greetings from the other side


  8. covered it all here Vladimir – you are right a break from Hurricane Sandy is what is required


  9. Great pics….NY is full of strengh!!!


  10. DEFINITELY spooky! How well did they survive the storm?


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