Halloween Postmortem, Part I

By Vladimir Brezina

Halloween decorations 2015 4Halloween 2015 is over—and it was quite a party! So much so that I didn’t even have time to post my photos of the Halloween decorations—if that is the right word—seen this year in our neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Some of the old favorites made return appearances (here are the photos from 2011, 2012, and 2013), but there were many imaginative, even artistic, new additions. Many of the residents of our neighborhood obviously feel a strong need to keep up with the Joneses, no effort or expense spared, in this department as in many others… The huge crowds of trick-or-treating kids loved it all, of course!

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

Even more photos are here.

Part II, with photos of the costumes at the Halloween block party itself, is coming soon!

20 responses to “Halloween Postmortem, Part I

    • And some of it quite realistic—more so each year. The skeletons usually look fairly fake, but the blood, slashed eyeballs, etc. … I believe they were asked to tone it down this year because some children found it to be too disturbing…


  1. These are brilliant … and I thought my neighbourhood really got into Halloween!!!


  2. Fantastic & innovative – thanks for sharing!


  3. People’s imaginations are always amazing! I like #39, maybe because it’s happy and colorful!


  4. Wow! There are some really twisted people in your neighborhood! I typically go for a simple jack-o-lantern and corn stalks ;) Great, fun post!


  5. Cool! Who says the Village has all the fun?!


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