Come One, Come All… to the Ghostship Ball!

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

Vlad & Johna (photo by Larson Harley)We are getting our presentation ready!

It’s billed as “True Tales of Mystery, Majesty, and Mishap Mere Inches from the Water”. We think we can supply all of that…

Ghostship Ball

… and if the prospect of hearing us share our kayaking adventure stories isn’t enough, come for the live music, acrobats, and a growing roster of additional entertainment.

Hope to see you there!

16 responses to “Come One, Come All… to the Ghostship Ball!

  1. Have a grand time & “break a leg”!


  2. i’d be there, but i’ll be away . . . in Rotterdam.


  3. love to be there, and the price of tickets is a steal! Have fun.


  4. This looks like a super event – I’m sure your presentation will be enjoyed by all attendees! Have fun.


  5. Fantastic! I know you’ll have a great time. Gee, if it was about a month later, I could be there – we’re coming back for a week in early May. Enjoy!


  6. Vlad,
    Wish we could make it. Your photos of “Ghosts” in a couple of post series are remarkable. It would be fun to have the live narrations, too. Have fun. Hoping you manage to digitize it.



  7. What fun! Have a great time. Sounds like a blast. :-)


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