By Vladimir Brezina

We’ve just had Twinkle as a Photo Challenge—and now we have Sparkle. And, indeed, there is a difference!

Here’s some Sparkle—

Sparkling seas 1
Sparkling seas 2
Sparkling seas 3From the 2014 Everglades Challenge

Now I am looking forward to Glitter, or perhaps Shimmer, Glimmer, or Flicker…

16 responses to “Sparkle

  1. Happy New Year!
    Really beautiful captures, Vladimir! I am the most drawn to the second one with the great contrasts and that ship, alluring at the horizon. :)


  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Lovely set of sparkly photos. I love how you captured the first one – sparkly on one side and not the other. It’s like someone is paddling away from the light. Happy New Year :)


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  5. I am lucky to live where I get to see the sparkles on water frequently. Very hard to capture in a photography and you have done it well!!



    That first photo makes me think I might drown…gulp! (putting on life jacket now)


  7. Ahhhh . . . makes me dream of heading to the coast and the open water.


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