Christmas Twinkle

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Twinkle.

And, at this time of the year, there’s no other possible response than this—

Christmas tree lit. 2011Christmas twinkle, 2012Christmas twinkle, 2012

More twinkling photos from Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012 are here and here.

Christmas dinner 2013 in the Florida Everglades

And, so as not to get bored with twinkling lights year after year, this for a change was Christmas 2013—




We are working on Christmas 2014. Stay tuned!

47 responses to “Christmas Twinkle

  1. real candles? So pretty!


  2. beautiful twinkles. Merry Christmas!


  3. Very pretty! I love that you put real candles on the tree: not many people do that nowadays. I suppose it is a bit of a fire hazard, especially if there are small childen around!


  4. Oops, that should be “small children”!


  5. Of course there are other possible responses, by those of us striving to be less obvious. :-) Lovely, though, Vlad.



  6. I love the candlelit Christmas tree and even more amazed that they are real candles. How do you keep them up straight on the tree?


    • We have some old-style clip-on holders that are by now rather dilapidated and do indeed often fail to keep the candle straight.

      Cutting-edge design to the rescue! (Although even these “new” holders are at least twenty years old.)

      These holders have a counterweight below, at the end of a long rod, that works to keep the candle above upright—much like the heavy bulb on the deep keel of a sailboat keeps the boat upright, most of the time anyway :-)

      German engineering at its best!


  7. Wishing you and Johna a lovely holiday season, with perhaps a paddle or two? Internet is so spotty here on the Baja side of the Gulf of California, but for the next two weeks I can catch up with your blog and maybe post some myself.


  8. Love the candles on the tree – used to do that meself, but just do candles now! Happy Holidays, you two!


  9. Love the headlamp guiding the way. Great Holliday collection.


  10. I do love a traditional Christmas, but that 2013 looks like a great way to spend the holidays. I hope you both have a Very Merry Christmas!



    Loved the sneak peak into your world ! Much Merry to both of you!


  12. Great response to the challenge. Your Christmas tree is really beautiful. Wishing you a happy Christmas.


  13. You’re right Vladimir – but I DO love 2013 too !!!


  14. Beautiful trees! Since we’re not having one this year, I’m counting on yours.
    The real candles are quite a touch. The only time we ever saw those was a long while ago in Germany. When the assembled party gathered around the Christmas tree to sing carols, we smelled burning wool. Sure enough, our friends’ mother’s sweater was beginning to singe. Antiseptic Americans, we were horrified, but our German friends all laughed and began to tell the story of The Burnt Grandmother, a story which is told to this day.
    Nonetheless, I hope your candles know and keep to their place, and you have a very very happy Christmas.


  15. Sweet as a Picture

    Lovely tree! Looking forward to seeing what you set up for Christmas 2014. :-)


  16. This was an excellent post.
    keep it up.


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  18. Beautiful tree… very elegant. :)


  19. Wish U the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year! :star:


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