By Vladimir Brezina

Each morning is a new morning—

 (click on any photo to start slideshow)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, New.

34 responses to “New

  1. An excellent compilation. And, yes, every morning is a new and glorious morning. Thank you so much for your inspiring photos.

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  2. Superb photos, Vlad. Beautiful! I love the colorful sunsets and sunrises.

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  3. Happy New Year, Vlad!

    Your post made me think of a great old Dylan album — New Morning…

    Cheers, Frank

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  4. Stunning pics again! Beautiful. :)

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  5. joliepetitemaison

    Beautiful photos!!

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  6. My favourite is the NY shot with the bridge peeking into the background.

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  7. A great collection of New mornings, Vlad!


  8. Wow, the light in these photos is amazing. Beautiful!



    Key Biscayne looks wonderfully inviting! I want to go !


  10. Stunning – worth getting up early for.


  11. nutsfortreasure

    Happy New Year!!!


  12. Compliments to you on your early morning Vladimir – I’m more of a sunset girl myself! Your efforts are clearly worth it tho!


  13. Great set of pictures


  14. gorgeous photos of mornings! the third one is simply stunning! beautiful! :)


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