Key Biscayne Sunrise

By Vladimir Brezina

We’ve had Sunset, and so it’s time for Sunrise. This one was in Key Biscayne, Florida, this past Sunday.

And a bonus…

More photos are here.

36 responses to “Key Biscayne Sunrise

  1. I have very fond memories of my visit to the Keys. Beautiful pictures!


  2. ….And these as well :-) All so beautiful and what a wonderful surprise!


  3. Vladimir – I love Key Biscayne! A long time ago I spent some time there with some friends, just before I left for basic training, and we went night fishing. We wore waders and walked out into the water with a light mounted on an inner-tube. We sailed, shot pool, grilled fish and drank beer. It is one of my most fond early adult memories.


  4. Just what is that reptile smiling about?


  5. I love the last photo! Talk about so ugly it’s cute…what kind of lizard(?) is it?


  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I love sunsets and clouds.


  7. Beautiful shots, Vlad! So much depth in some of those cloud formations. The play of light between sea and sky is stunning – thanks for sharing these.


  8. Lovely work and probably before coffee?, i can’t see straight before coffee, thanks vlad, MJ


  9. Beautiful shots… ;-)


  10. I nominated you as the Super Sweet Blogging Award
    Chk my site:


  11. Worth getting up early for!


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  14. I grew up in Florida and sincerely miss the sunsets (and the afternoon thunderstorms). But there’s another place I think has better sunrises and sunsets. Have you ever been to Alaska to photograph those? Amazing! I go in the summer to fish the salmon runs and I take more pictures of sunrises and sunsets than of anything else. They’re just so darned gorgeous!


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