Recycled Adventures: Night Kayak Sailing on the Hudson River

By Vladimir Brezina

Also in conjunction with my kayak-sailing post, here’s a slideshow of a kayak sail—or rather, paddle-sail—in August 2007. During the hot, humid New York summer, I much prefer to paddle, and sail, at night. I left Pier 40 on the West Side of Manhattan before sunset, sailed up the Hudson River to the Tappan Zee, then returned to Manhattan before dawn. A waterproof camera, mounted on an aka of my outrigger sail rig, automatically took a photo every five minutes.  These are selected images from the series.

Up the Hudson in the evening, there was little wind—the summer curse of New York sailors—so I had to paddle.  But then around midnight the wind increased from the south, and the return sail, tacking in wide sweeps across the empty river at 3 a.m., was surreal… At the end of each starboard tack, I emerged into the bright glare of the lights of the built-up eastern shore of river, then turned back into the darkness toward the distant black barrier of the Palisades. I paddled as well to keep the boat flying over the waves with that exhilarating sense of speed that comes at night…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The individual photos in this series are here.

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