Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Adventure!

Adventure is limitless space

Limitless space

wind on the open sea

Wind on the open sea

always wondering what’s round the next corner

Wondering what's round the next corner

paddling to distant capes

Paddling to distant capes

expecting the unexpected

Expecting the unexpected

wondering if it’s even possible

Wondering if it's possible

and then paddling past the sunset

Paddling past the sunset

and through the night

Through the night

(All photos from our 2013 Everglades Shakedown paddle and the 2014 Everglades Challenge.)

81 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Perfect ~


  2. A fabulous adventure!


  3. Love the words, love your photographs. A great adventure!


  4. This challenge was made for the two of you!


  5. Really love that hat… :D

    Excellent captures, amazing nature… :-)


  6. I always adore your kayak adventures!


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  8. Laura Bloomsbury

    love to paddle around with your adventures :)


  9. Love the way the sky and sea blend together in the top photo. Beautiful!


  10. I am going to say it in Spanish…¡Maravilloso!!! Love it!!!


  11. You always have such beautiful adventures in your canoe.


  12. If you ever find yourself half way across the world you should try kayaking in Palawan, Philippines. You would be amazed.


  13. OMG – I love to kayak but I’ve never needed a map. :-)


  14. Great set — I particularly like the photo of the tip red Kayak “paddling to distant capes”


  15. Awesome. I think the very first photo is my favorite. It speaks of joy.


  16. Great shots! This must’ve been an easy challenge for you!


  17. Cool shots – as soon as I saw this week’s theme I knew it was going to be right up your allet


  18. Your kayak adventures are always awesome – great stories and gorgeous pictures!


  19. I really have nothing more to add besides what the other commenters have said. I thoroughly enjoyed looking over your shoulder as the two of you are off wandering!



  20. Yeah, you do have the adventures!


  21. love your photos on the water – GREAT ADVENTURES!


  22. I almost sold my sailing boat seeing your pictures. Almost :) And like the hat too!


    • Johna Till Johnson

      Don’t do that (sell sailboat).. we are exploring different forms of kayak sailing! And the hat is surprisingly practical. Not only don’t I need sunscreen (even in Florida!) but it’s a great support for the bug veil, as you saw…

      Liked by 1 person

  23. vastlycurious.com

    She looks so happy :)


  24. You captured this challenge beautifully! Looking at your photos makes me want to load up our kayaks and head to the everglades!


  25. schönes Wochenende wünsch…. ;-)


  26. yeo yep : very awesome adventure in ur werld as usual :) very kewl yes indeed :)


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  28. Wonderful adventure images! :)


  29. Beautiful photos! :)


  30. Great shots! You make me want to get back in a kayak!


  31. When I hear the word “adventure” I always think; Vlad and Johna!!! Every post is an adventure, a challenge and each photograph brings your adventure to the world!! For me personally I am both on the edge of my seat and jealous of your confidence and skills. Not to mention that you live in a city with millions of people and yet you bring witness to the beauty and nature that so few see.
    Yeah, adventure is Vlad and Johna…


  32. You always have such beautiful adventures in your canoe


  33. Oh sunset and kayaking in the end…perfect combination!


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  37. Paddling past the sunset..stunning!


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