Travel Theme: Curves

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge this week is Curves.

Here are some of the curves of New York Harbor.

40 responses to “Travel Theme: Curves

  1. beautiful curves. Love the hidden rainbow! :)


  2. Johna Till Johnson

    So glad you worked in the images of my second-favorite bridge in NY!!!


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  4. Very good pictures and I especially like your interpretation of the theme in the second and fourth picture. :)


  5. Wow…..magical. I love the fourth one with the rainbow behind the spray. :)


  6. Wow!
    What cool, many and various curves they are !


  7. Lovely curves!


  8. Terrific, especially the third with the bonus of a rainbow :-)


  9. Gorgeous photos, Vlad, I especially love the one of your first-favourite kayaker with the fire boat in the background! xxx Ailsa


  10. These are all wonderful – and I love that the bottom fire boat photo also has a rainbow!


  11. Brilliant! Love those fireboats!


  12. goodness gracious granny’s goat, they’re GOOD. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! The one with the rainbow just bowled me over twice :)


  13. Creative thinking on the Curve theme. Super ….


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