Travel Theme: Metal

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Metal.

A few close encounters with New York Harbor metal—

DSC_0127 cropped small
IMGP1386 cropped small
Red rust
Yellow garbage barge
Orange rust
Black barge
Blue rust
DSC_0797 cropped small

28 responses to “Travel Theme: Metal

  1. Wouldn’t want to get caught on the hook! :) Great shot.


  2. hola!!!!!!


  3. I love these shots- a great collection.


  4. I love the closeups.


  5. Sweet as a Picture

    Love these up-close shots.


  6. This is metalaciously good!!


  7. Beautiful images!


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  11. Metal is an amazing thing, the colours it transforms into, the shapes and objects that can be made out of it, and the uses it has… Phenomenal. Thanks for sharing these shots. I really can’t decide which one’s my favourite :-)


  12. fabulous observation and a very artistic eye if I may say.


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  14. A great photographic theme for the “metal” challenge. Very beautiful images – full of color, shadow, and reflection!


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