By Vladimir Brezina

When kayaking in New York Harbor, you can’t avoid getting close—

Close 1Close 2Close 3Close 4Close 5Close 6

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Close.

13 responses to “Close

  1. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the enormity of other vessels?

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  2. Yikes…far too close for comfort!


  3. Wow that is close! Stay safe!


  4. I can see about ten heart attacks happening in this post.


    • Yes, in all those boats and ships around us… No joke, actually. To paddle safely in traffic, one of the main things we have to do is to paddle so as to keep those driving the big boats from freaking out when they see us. They tend to freak out because they realize that running us over would be a career-ending event for them… for us too, I guess ;-)

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      • To be honest the penalties involved for running over a kayaker or small boat are minor compared to trying to avoid them and running a loaded oil barge aground. If given the choice most mariners will run over 50 kayaks paddled by nuns before they risk a petroleum product spill.
        I and most mariner’s in the harbor freak out because we don’t want to kill some kid, or someones husband, wife, brother, sister etc. We also can get frustrated because there is a general lack of understanding, situational awareness, and ignorance of the effects of wind and current on both parties involved.
        I’ve read your blog a bit, and am a fellow sea kayaker, and you are definitely in the minority of paddlers who are cognizant of whats going on. If only everyone was.
        My best advice to any of the students I had during my guiding years was to carry a small pair of binoculars, and a good waterproof VHF radio. Also look over a chart before a trip in a new area and learn some of the landmarks/buoys. So if you are concerned about a meeting situation you can attempt to call a vessel either by name or with a geographic reference.


  5. I think I would be a bit scared but I bet its quite exhilarating at the same time


  6. It’s even urban on the water. :-)


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