Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Color.

Kayaking can be a very colorful sport!

IMGP0131 cropped smallIMGP6858 cropped smallDSC_0032 cropped smallIMGP1105 cropped small

69 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. The kayaks are nice but that blue water is lovely. I had to pick all spring colors for this theme.


  2. I knew we’d get some great colors from you! Love the color of the water in Belize – clearly not our beloved New York harbor area. ;-)


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  5. Wonderful colours for the theme, Vlad. :)


  6. vastlycurious.com

    SO VIVID – wonderful turquoise water!


  7. nailed it – the first image is outstanding the 45 deg angle accentuating the composition


    • Actually, the composition was (almost) accidental. The camera was mounted at the top of the mast and took photos automatically every 5 or 10 minutes. Once I mounted it up there and set it going, I had no control over the composition. That proved a problem later on in the trip, when the camera loosened a bit and started rotating around the mast, so that I got quite a variety of views… :-)


  8. Lovely – and the perspective in the first shot is inspired


  9. You are right about that!


  10. Wonderful!!! I enjoyed your submission as always.


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  12. prosewithabbitude

    Wonderfully vibrant!


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  14. striking colours! we saw a kayak on Sydney Harbour this week, in the rain :)


  15. Very colorful!!!! LOVE it!


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  20. The second one is my favourite, well done nice selection.


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  22. Fabulous! The last one is my favorite!


  23. Very colorful Vladimir…oohh the color of the water in the third shot…gorgeous…


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  25. Great images Vladimir.


  26. Wow, simply awsome!!!!


  27. These are super colorful. I love the colors use. They’re bright happy colors. The blue ocean is mesmerizing. Nice shots ….


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  29. Lots of color in those skimming-across-the-water frames.


  30. Where did you go kayaking? The colours look so vibrant, specially the red on the blue.


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  32. vastlycurious.com

    Thanks for your constant support Vlad! I really appreciate it! Kathryn


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