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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Saturated.

This theme is hard for me, paradoxically, because I like saturated color. So many of my photos would be right for this challenge. An embarrassment of riches.

But several photos come to mind that almost embody saturated color. How about this one?

DSC_0044 cropped small

Amaryllis Redux

By Vladimir Brezina

A month ago, our Amaryllis stirred to life. Day by day, it extended further a slender green flower stalk and eventually unfolded at the end of it three huge red flowers. But their time of glory was brief. When they had shriveled, we cut off the stalk and thought that the show was over for this year.

So we were amazed to find, growing out of the bulb some days later, not just a couple of green leaves but another flower stalk, which has now brought forth another two beautiful flowers—

DSC_0128 small 3

… just in time for a second response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Color! (The first response was here.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Color.

Kayaking can be a very colorful sport!

IMGP0131 cropped smallIMGP6858 cropped smallDSC_0032 cropped smallIMGP1105 cropped small