Yet Once More…

By Vladimir Brezina

We didn’t have any great expectations for our Amaryllis this year. We didn’t treat it right. We didn’t treat it the way the books said to make it flower.

Yet a week ago, once again, it began to extend its long stalk. The stalk looked slender and fragile at first, and so we doubted still that the flower would amount to much.

But now at the end of the stalk, bending under the weight, Amaryllis has unfolded, all at once, three flowers, as if to assure us of its continued favor—

DSC_0105 cropped small 2

34 responses to “Yet Once More…

  1. Unbelievably gorgeous!


  2. Favoured indeed! Aren’t they just the most magnificent flowers – always make me think of spring – and next year I’ll be able to watch them flowering in my garden – I’m looking forward to that :)


  3. it’s lovely and oh so red!!!! z


  4. When we bought our house, there were two orchids hanging in the pool area. They looked half dead so I planted them outside and forgot about them. About a year later, I was looking around my garden and noticed the plants were thriving and the orchids were breathtaking! I couldn’t believe my luck, so I just left them on their own. I got three more years of beautiful blooms before they passed on. Ya never know!


  5. The Amaryllis looks beautiful. You are lucky to have some place to grow flowers in the city. Is that you in the background behind the camera?


  6. I guess you re-wrote the book :)


  7. Is that you in the background :-)


  8. Third, a charm! Gorgeous!


  9. Hats off for getting it to rebloom!


  10. Wow! Beautiful focus! Love that vibrant red!


  11. We have some Amaryllis growing along the sidewalk outside our door here in southern Florida. It amazes me that they grow without any care as I am used to working hard to get tropical flowers to grow in the north. I have been meaning to take a photo for a post – maybe tomorrow. Congratulations on having a beautiful flower in spite of you. :) Oh, the power of nature.


  12. My parents used to tend lots if amaryllis in the home where they lived. Hanks for the memory.


  13. It’s very beautiful. It must know how much you love and appreciate its beauty for it to come back each year ;-)


  14. hahaha … I think you will have to stick to kayaking. It would have been pretty had it bloomed. hahaha It is hilarious to look at. I’m so sorry for laughing so much but thanks for the Sunday morning funny.


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