Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This is a second post in response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Green. The first Green post was here.

On the second night of our kayak trip down the Hudson River from Albany to New York City in May 2011, we camped on the thickly wooded Magdalen Island. As the sunlight filtered through the fresh spring leaves, it was one of the Greenest sights I’ve ever seen…

The story and more photos are here and here.

36 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, Take Two

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  2. There’s nothing like the new green of spring time. So lush and beautiful.


  3. Sooooo green against all those primary colors especially the yellow hat! Nice and fresh.


  4. It is impressive so much luggage that you can have with you… :-)


    • That isn’t even half of it! You can carry an amazing amount of stuff in a kayak—much better than backpacking in that respect! Unfortunately, the flip side of that is that the kayak is so heavy that you can’t move it more than a few feet after you land on the beach without unloading it first, and the shuttling all the stuff you’ve unloaded is a pain too… and then you have to do all that in reverse the next morning!


  5. Beautiful! I especially like the one Val was standing under the green leaves.


  6. love that bright sping folliage.


  7. Fabulous greens, Vlad. :)


  8. Lovely shot… Just quite Green :-D


  9. Wow the green colour is so vibrant and gives so much life to the photos. Beautiful!


  10. looks a lovely place to camp.


  11. Looks like an awesome adventure with plenty of beautiful greenery everywhere!!

    If you’ve got some great sunset shots too, we’ve got a sunset challenge going right now! http://www.letsbewild.com/photo-challenge/wild-weekly-photo-challenge-6-sunsets/


  12. Great contrast in vibrant colors!


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  14. I miss camping and cook atop the mountains. That tent is so inviting. And the greens of course.


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