Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Inside.

Inside our home away from home, pitched on the tiny Magic Key in Estero Bay, FL, we catch a few hours’ sleep before another night of paddling during the 2014 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge

Camped on Magic Key

More photos from the Everglades Challenge are here.

55 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


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  3. Now I want to know if you had alligator visitors, so close to the water! Or snakes…

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  4. how do you fight with mosquitos?

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      You don’t, they’ve already won. :-) Seriously, your best bet is bug-proof attire: Bug net over hat, clothing with gaskets at wrists, neck, and ankles.

      Fortunately Magic Key is in a nice breezy location so we had very little trouble with bugs…but other places we were not so lucky!

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  6. A perfect entry for this week’s challenge. Looks like your tent was camped inside a perfect spot of greenery :)


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  8. quite cozy…looks like a geat place to camp!


  9. crazyguyinthailand

    Great :)


  10. They Keys are just magical! Loved these shots, Vlad.


  11. I love that second one.


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  15. looks so fragile Vlad :)

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  17. I love the light from within but I think I would have to sleep with one eye open… :)


    • That’s something we do often, waking up every hour to listen to the sounds of the tide rising toward the boats and tent, so that we can pack up and get going at the last moment… and sometimes we do cut it uncomfortably close… :-)


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  19. Perfect photos for the challenge. I can almost feel the fresh air!!!


    • It was a beautiful, fresh, sunny day! We didn’t feel guilty about lazing about during the daytime because we had paddled through all of the previous night, and were ready to do it again through the night to come… :-)


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  21. Now that is a campsite I could get used to! Nice soft sand, the water only a step away from your door, I’m not sure I’d share it’s location with anybody :-)


    • As with any real estate on the market, of course, there are some aspects that are best downplayed. The island is not soft sand, but rather sharp shell fragments. The property is likely to be completely flooded at high tide in even a mild storm. And it’s very close to the busy waterway that winds its way through the bay, so that, during the day at least, there’s frequent noise from boisterous passing boaters and wakes hitting the beach.

      Even though these boaters pass close by, none of them land on the island because it’s just one of many around, with apparently nothing special about it, and because it’s surrounded by very shallow water. But it seems that locals occasionally use the island for private relaxation: the last time we were there, in April 2013, we found a nice chair there, very convenient for sunset and sunrise viewing—


  22. A long way from NY! Congrats on your adventure.


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  24. It has been a long time for me camping in the greeneries..
    I really love your photos.


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  26. That inside the tent shot makes a nice abstract. I’m jealous – missing going camping with the cubs and scouts at present.


    • And inside the tent, especially a colorful one, it always seems to be bright and cheerful, like the sun is shining outside—until you actually look outside ;-)

      This latest tent, however, we got in as drab a color as possible, so as not to stand out too much…


  27. nutsfortreasure

    Beautiful and loved the inside of the tent! :)


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  29. I love the shot of the patterns on the inside of the tent. I’ve taken a few myself, and wish I could also record some of the great sounds of nature I hear as I lie there.


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