By Vladimir Brezina

Balance 1Balance is easier with some support…

Balance 2

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Balance.

20 responses to “Balance

  1. Great technique! I avoid the edge of my boat like the plague, but I know I know, I need to get comfortable with it…comfortable with BALANCE. I like the top shot best.

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    • It’s a lot easier in a relatively narrow sea kayak—indeed, you can’t really paddle it effectively without edging. With wide, flat-bottomed recreational kayaks, you can’t comfortably edge them—and that’s where danger lies, if the waves become large and steep enough….

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  2. Balance is indeed easier with some support….a walking stick, even…

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  3. I still have not kayaked out of our bayou. After seeing this, I might never make it beyond those safe waters! Amazing!

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    • It depends a lot on what kind of kayak you paddle. If it’s a relatively long and narrow sea kayak, you are soon forced to pick up some techniques like this just to be able to control your kayak. If you paddle a wide, flat-bottomed recreational kayak, on the other hand, you probably won’t be able to edge it like this, and will feel comfortable sitting flat on the water even if the waves pick up—up to a point ;-)


  4. a nice braced turn
    must come in handy :-)

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  5. Lol – as I have been learning with timid adventures on a blow up kayak!

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  6. I’ve seen this in books and some photos, however, this is a nice reminder to learn some new techniques, because you never know when you might wish you knew how to do that. Thanks!

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    • It depends on what kind of kayak you have, but in most sea kayaks, which tend to be long and narrow, you soon learn, almost instinctively, to edge your boat—you have to, because without edging it you can’t really respond to waves, or even turn your boat sometimes…


  7. OMG! She cuts it fine! I stay in the center of the kayak. I know I need to take more lessons, especially the rolling class. I just need to find a one on one class with a really good teacher.




    WOW I am impressed ( and terrified)


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