By Vladimir Brezina

Why did so many other kayaks overtake us in the 2014 Everglades Challenge? Wind power!

Wind 1Wind 2

Next time, we’ll have sails on our kayaks too!

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Wind.

25 responses to “Wind

  1. kayak sails, who knew. and stabilizers. looks like fun!

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  2. That’s my idea of being on the water! I like being powered by a bedsheet on a stick.

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  3. Will you really? Not sure I believe you …

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Weeeeeeeelllllllllllllll…. Vlad and I are planning the BlackBeard challenge in 2016. We haven’t yet decided whether we’ll do it with sails, but it’s definitely under consideration. The races are open to all small human-powered boats… the only rules are a) no motors and b) you have to be able to push the boat off the beach at the starting launch. So sails are permitted…

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  4. Those are impressive. My son made a sail for his kayak this summer. It definitely made the paddle go quicker.

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  5. I recall sailing sometime ago, in a flotila between Virgin Gordo and Anegada in the BVI’s, and as the Captian, our friend, started the auxuliary (along With the trimmed sails) I asked “Isn’t that cheating?” He said…”maybe! But thats the way you get one of the few mooring balls!” Competition is competition.
    M :-)

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  6. What?? Kayak with sails?!

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  7. I have never seen kayaks with a sail! And even main and fore sail

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  8. I’ve never seen kayaks with sails either, at least not around Manhattan, which is the only place I’ve ever seen kayaks. I don’t get around very much.

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  9. Wonderful photos showcasing the challenge word – wind.
    Great colors !!!!


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