Travel Theme: Through

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Through.

In our kayaks, we may find ourselves traveling through

— airy mangrove tunnels

IMGP5772 cropped small

— labyrinthine salt marshes

Milton Harbor

— dark urban tunnels

IMGP1426 cropped small

— rocky passages…

IMGP5445 cropped small

… guarded by wild animals :-)

Dry Salvages

27 responses to “Travel Theme: Through

  1. The mangroves look magical, what a wonderful place to kayak.


  2. This is just so wonderful!!


  3. Intriguing shots! Especially like the difficult navigations. I invite you to kayak among the glowing alligator eyes at night, sometime…


  4. Very well captured… :-)


  5. Muy interesante y lindos parajes!


  6. wonderful images Vlad, love the tunnel and the guard!


  7. These are awesome pics, Vlad! Esp. the tunnel and the guard.


  8. Love the mangrove and marshes. Great shots.


  9. I love paddling through Mangroves! As always, beautiful shots. :)


  10. great pictures! love the mangrove shot! a special way to see the world! thanks for sharing!!!


  11. Enjoyed the tour :) Is this close to NYC? Do you get the shy mangrove heron there? I enjoy looking out for him when we get close to the mangroves in the outer areas of Sydney Harbour.


  12. They are all great photos, but I really like the first one.


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