Florida Paddling

By Vladimir Brezina

Look what’s floating by in the turquoise-green water!

IMGP0731 cropped smallIMGP0733 cropped smallIMGP0730 cropped smallIMGP0732 cropped small

I collect them all

IMGP0725 cropped small

to take them home.

IMGP0718 cropped small

But, sadly, the brilliant colors are evanescent…

54 responses to “Florida Paddling

  1. But, happily, your dazzling photos aren’t fleeting : )


  2. Wow the colour contrast is stunning….these are wonderful. I really lie them :-)


  3. That should be like not lie… Grrrr to predictive texting!!


  4. simple powerful and says season change


  5. Laura Bloomsbury

    captured the zen of their moments though


  6. Magnificent color contrast ! Lovely leaves. Thank you for sharing


  7. That is sweet, I like natural mementos of my trips. Great photos :)


  8. The colors will live on through your photos. Brilliant and beautiful. :-)


  9. I love the contrasts…..


  10. vastlycurious.com

    Wonderful as ever Vladimir!


  11. These would have been good for this week’s ‘lost in the details’ challenge. Gorgeous images.


  12. Great colors and contrast. Sometimes when we let leaves dry in a warm temperature, pressed between papers and under weigh (like inside a dictionary), they keep the color, specially if they aren’t dry yet. I believe it depends on the type of tree.


    • I used to that when I was little. It sometimes worked, and in any case the dried leaves falling unexpectedly out of old books years afterwards brought back nice memories… In this case I just wanted to keep the wet colors bright so I could photograph them against a dark background with my better camera back at the hotel, but with one thing and another I didn’t get to it in time…


  13. compared to the boat, they look pretty huge. i’d say “5 inches across” are huge leaves! well done!


  14. those are stunning images! wow!


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