By Vladimir Brezina

This synchronized team puts in a pretty impressive performance—

DSC_0043 cropped smallDSC_0051 cropped smallDSC_0054 cropped smallDSC_0056 cropped smallDSC_0058 cropped small

— and they leave the stage triumphantly!

DSC_0060 cropped small

Others are pretty good too…

DSC_0240 cropped small

but their synchronized diving still needs some work.

DSC_0480 cropped small

From a recent visit to St. Pete Beach, Florida.

25 responses to “Synchronized

  1. Quick! Sign those birds up! I hear Busby Berkeley is planning a new musical. :)

    In all seriousness, though, those birds are super-fun.


  2. Beautiful photos, and such well behaved models :-)


  3. Johna Till Johnson

    Okay, Vlad, you just couldn’t wait until “synchronized” came up as word-of-the-week :-) But these were SO adorable! Can’t wait until you post the rest of the pics…..


    • Yes, I thought about holding these photos in reserve for “Synchronized”, but the people who set these photos challenges are so unpredictable ;-)

      Still sorting out the thousand photos—but there are some other good ones…


  4. What a great set of shots, Vlad, made me laugh out loud!


  5. What a beautiful act! Impressive both the birds and the photography.


  6. love the pics. vibrant red yellow leaves against the emerald green water. Opps that’s the other post sorry.


  7. I hope they got standard union pay. They really performed and put on a great show for you!

    (Just this afternoon had a conversation about synchronized behavior in the bird world with a friend — she telling about drumlines or some other small silvery birds that made magic flying carpets in the air, folding and changing directions in unison on a dime away from predators — My memories of the great strings of birds winding and unwinding, leaders winging ahead and falling back, over San Miguel de Allende twice a day. The bird world is really amazing.)


  8. Such lovely pictures; such beautiful creatures; such fun being had by all (including you!) Like this post very much indeed.


  9. (laugh) the commentary is priceless!


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