Travel Theme: Misty

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Misty.

I recall a misty paddle through New York Harbor back in April 2010…

IMGP0154 cropped
IMGP0189 cropped
IMGP0196 cropped
IMGP0202 cropped
IMGP0220 cropped
IMGP0226 cropped
IMGP0243 cropped

This was actually a paddle from Manhattan around Staten Island, past the Graveyard of Ships

IMGP0310 cropped
IMG0296 cropped
IMG0319 cropped

and many still-living ships

IMGP0256 cropped

back to Manhattan, still misty in the evening…

IMGP0270 cropped

More photos are here.

23 responses to “Travel Theme: Misty

  1. Great shots that really fit the theme!


  2. I was thinking you would have lots of great misty shots Vlad. Love the graveyard ones.


  3. Misty on the water is magical. You captured it. As usual!! Thanks for sharing. Bring that theme with you to Maine. Ha!


  4. Wonderful atmosphere and fascinating old ships!


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  6. really cool – and love the first one the most – the city looks so small in that view – and the mood of the mist is neat….


    • The city is small once you get out into the expanse of the harbor. Looking at that picture, I notice, too, the absence of the new World Trade Center tower. Today the skyline looks quite different…


  7. These are great, and I’m with Y, I like the photo of the skyline … Manhattan looks as if it’s sailing away …


  8. I like picture number one, surreal!


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  11. Love all these photos – fog and mist are beautiful.


  12. I especially love the two with the red and the green buoys! Unless I’m mistaken, that’s the Verrazano Bridge in the background, isn’t it? That bridge has captured my imagination since the first time I saw it oh so many, many years ago. To me, it ranks right up there with the Golden Gate. The pops of color in each photo add such a great dimension. And the first picture of Manhattan – that’s my third favorite :D All great shots!


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