The Red Vines of Autumn Along the Hudson: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina

Summer was very great (:-)). But now, according to the National Weather Service,

“[a] taste of fall is in the forecast! A strong cold front will cross the Tri-State area Thursday ushering in a Canadian airmass. Temperatures will only be in the 70s Thursday with a chance of a few showers or even a thunderstorm. Then, the much cooler air arrives by Thursday night. Temperatures will fall to near 50 degrees. High temperatures on Friday will only be in the mid to upper 60s. Dewpoints will also fall into the 30s during the day Friday making it feel like autumn.”

In New York City, the trees remain green, with no sign of fall color yet. But the city is an urban heat island, with temperatures elevated often by ten degrees or more. Outside the city, no doubt, leaves are already starting to turn. It’s time to plan fall foliage trips—by kayak, naturally!

Some of the best fall colors can be seen along the banks of the Hudson north of the city. I haven’t been up the river since our May paddle from Albany to New York City, but here, in a collection of photos from past years, is what I imagine is, or soon will be, happening…

The first sign of fall, already in August, is yellow color mixing here and there into the green

Then red colors appear

At first, it’s often just a single tree in the green mass of the riverbank



…or in a quiet creek

But what most catches the eye in the early fall are the brilliant reds of the vines draped here and there over the trees

And this is just the beginning! Some of the most spectacular peak fall colors that I’ve seen from a kayak were in a little creek just south of Catskill… but that’s for another post!  (Update, October 22, 2011: it’s here.)

Some of these photos were taken in the Hudson Highlands (more fall photos from that area here), the rest around Catskill and Hudson (more photos here and here).

Comments are most welcome!

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